Monday, 4 March 2013


This is the time to introduce myself. A shiny new blog, a place to jot down idiocy and ramblings and frustrations and ideas. It's hard to do right now because I have a two year old standing behind me on the settee slapping my head with both hands and shouting, 'Lap! Lap!' at me. (He's pretty good on his 's's, but not when he's concentrating on hitting me, it seems.) When he's not shouting 'slap,' he's jumping and shouting, 'Bounce high up!' The cat is drinking the pineapple juice from the child's bowl (who'd have guessed?) and there's soup in the pressure cooker screaming to be turned off. I'm trying to lose weight (ten pounds so far) and soup seems like the way to go.

Perhaps this is as good an introduction as any, since it describes quite a few of my days. What else is there around me? Sunshine. A good spattering of dog hair and rubble on the carpet (a lovely 1960s piece made of inter-meshing fern leaves.) Books. More books. And a certain degree of peace, since the other children are at school. Thank god. I mean, home education seems the way to go, but I think I would go mad if I attempted it myself. I'm an introvert. I crave quiet, not 18 hours a day of arguments.

To prettify this entry and make it look as if my life is not all chaos and dog hair, here are some crocuses I took pictures of yesterday. See you again soon!